Other common representations are affixed to coins, stamps and other stamps and banknotes, sometimes no more than one mention or signature; and public places, streets, monuments and institutions such as schools bear the names of current or former heads of state. In monarchies (for example. B Belgium), there may even be a practice of assigning the adjective „royal“ on demand on the basis of existence for a number of years. However, such political techniques can also be used by leaders without the formal rank of head of state, even supporters – and other revolutionary leaders, without a formal state mandate. The President is not expected to publicly criticize the government, although implicit criticism has been tolerated by prime ministers. The relationship between the Prime Minister and the President had a great influence on the exercise of presidential power. The first two officials of the Prime Minister and the Presidency (Nehru and Prasad) examined the limits of their powers on two particular occasions. In one case, the president publicly questioned the Prime Minister`s bill on the reform of Hindu personality law, in another case he delayed his approval of an agrarian reform law. On both occasions, the Prime Minister threatened to resign and the President relented. [35] In the Australian context, these issues are of concern in the debate over the role of the Head of State. It is not inherent in the position that the political party or gratitude will penetrate the action of the President, but the conditions mentioned above for the appearance of this event should be given due consideration. Some basic constitutions or laws provide for a head of state who, not only in theory but also in practice, is director general, independent of the legislature and independent of it. This system is called the „presidential system“ and sometimes referred to as the „imperial model“ because executive government officials are exclusively and exclusively responsible to a presidential head of state and are chosen by the head of state without reference to the legislative branch.

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