For large services, the solution is to always be the donor and hardly the recipient of automatic assistance, to agree in advance that there will be no more than two units that will respond to automatic assistance in the event of an incident in a neighbouring municipality, which will keep a sufficient number of your stations in service to cover your own jurisdiction. Maintaining a reasonable number of personnel and equipment to deal with most other emergencies generally avoids the negative effects on your own response time to citizen services in their own jurisdiction. With good organization, automatic and reciprocal assistance programs can be very effective. Keep in mind that when signing an automatic aid agreement, you try to offset certain watershed requirements. Once you have met your needs, no recognition will be given for excess equipment. Participating auto support services need to have a clear and accurate understanding of your needs and respond accordingly. If departments do not respond with the right equipment, specific needs will not be met and no credit will be granted. Even if you have automatic help, make sure that 50% of your erasure capacity stays in your service area and does not respond. In theory, automatic help sounds as if it were benefiting all departments and jurisdictions involved, but this may not always be the case Another possible solution during an automatic help reaction might be to simultaneously fill selected stations in your affected area by raising crews and equipment from the distance of detachments. Finally, fire units provided by automatic aid, such as engines, antennas, water tenders or rescue measures that extend the assets of your own department, may provide additional credits to your community`s ISO classification assessment. If you haven`t had an ISO inspection yet in accordance with the new guidelines, consider how automatic help can help improve your overall score. The dichotomy for the boss, who provides mutual assistance/automatic assistance, is that without their services, someone in a nearby community may die in a fire or medical emergency aggravated by a delay in emergency measures. Every other day, one service would occupy an engine, while the other a health unit would occupy.

Both units would respond to fires, EMS calls and other emergencies within one of the two responsibilities to provide an adequate first crew. For example, the services in the surrounding area could count on their joint response with at least one unit of these two legal orders for automatic assistance purposes. But realistically, if you enter into an automatic aid agreement, it is best to see who will be the dominant donor and who will be the multi-year beneficiary. It is better to go with your eyes open in an automatic help agreement than to be disappointed or disappointing for the other participants. There will always be some one-sided aspects of automatic help, or perhaps even a growing sense that others are exploiting your department`s capabilities. What could be the flip side of life with these great benefits of being part of an automatic help system? Realistically, if your department has more staff, appliances or specialized training than your neighbors, the main advantage is that you get an extra firefighter on site faster to quickly reach the NFPA safety level for a building fire. This can be an essential benefit and is worth the time your department contributes to the assets of your neighbouring communities.

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