Initially published under: – Approved 2013-14 classified employees and proposals for administrative salaries. Basehor-Linwood High School and Basehor-Linwood Virtual School teachers Doug Earnhart and Michelle Vielhauer showed board members some of the instructional videos, tasks and websites used in the virtual school program. BLVS is one of 90 virtual schools in Kansas, but unlike some of the programs, BLVS is run by the local district and taught by district teachers. Approves a review of the contract renewal with OPAA. Thank you very much for your request. A sales agent will contact you with your personalized offer. Erik Jones Approved Appointments, Elementary Sports; Alyson Coy, BLHS English; Jeff Vestal, BLHS Baseball; Colleen Williams, Director; Steve Farris, Director; James Faris, Director; And Stephanie Price, administrator. Authorized clarifications on the region`s extra-national travel policy. The 2013-14 negotiated agreement was approved.

Teachers approved the plan by 99 votes to 5. Approved the resignations of Rebecca Matthews, BLHS English; Steve Crable, Director; Steve Massing, Food Service; Gwen Smith, Food Service; Kylie White, école maternelle de Linwood Elementary School; And Andrea Herbster, BLVS office assistant. If you have not submitted your request, please check to see if you have entered your first name, email address and phone number. Approves the five-year professional development plan. Heard by Superintendent David Howard, who announced that four students have completed technical education programs, and the district will receive $1,000 per state student. He also announced that the First State Bank and Trust ATM will be set up in the sports hall and will be available at any time when the building is open. Approved the dismissals of Rick Jennings and William Osborn, Director. Tell us who you are and a glassdoor sales agent will immediately inquire with you in S. Welcome.

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