He obtained 27 signatures on this Māori copy of the document. At the beginning of the First English Civil War, after a summer full of skirmishes in Cheshire, Henry Mainwaring and Mr Marbury De Marbury Hall for Parliament and Lord Kilmorey and Sir Orlando Bridgeman, son of the Bishop of Chester, agreed for the royalists to meet on 23 December at Bunbury. They agreed that all fighting would end in Cheshire. All prisoners would be released, property taken during the conflict would be returned to its owners, and any losses would be compensated by a levy from both sides. The ties would have to be removed at Chester, Nantwich, Stockport, Knutsford and Northwich, and their unified forces would escort all the forces outside the county. Both sides agreed that there should be no further troop movements across Cheshire and that they would no longer install troops on the ground. It all depends on the agreement of their national commanders, who would push them to settle their differences peacefully.

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