Have you ever seen a borrower borrow money but not pay? Follow Meet the Court`s partnership to address the problem of people struggling to pay off borrowed debts. In recent times, there have been a lot of problems for borrowers who do not repay the borrowed money. This forced the lender to get his money back. Everything we borrowed should be repatriated. The same applies to monetary credits. Whether small or large, it should be paid as it was the case during the first loan. To understand what a debt agreement or credit agreement is, we may first need to understand what debt activity is. To avoid this kind of problem again, a lawyer has shared a way to make a credit agreement and especially can do it himself at home. Financial advisors often point out that for this purpose, people earn at least 6 months of „emergency savings“ salary. However, this consultation is not available if it does not work or if most of the income is spent on bill payments and daily expenses, according to statistical data from the 2019-2023 National Financial Stability Strategy. According to an acp-ACP online survey, 80% of workers said they were financially stressed by debts that affected their work performance. By putting in place a financial health program for workers, it will benefit employers in the long run.

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