Once the reserved volume limits are reached (z.B memory) or you need additional functionality, you need to decide if you want to update to a more expensive Circuit service plan and which circuit user needs to be converted. You cannot downgrade Circuit Users to a service package at a lower level. 14.17. Full agreement; Changes Execution. The agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to its purpose and replaces any statements, agreements or agreements before or concomitant, written or orally, relating to their purpose. The agreement takes precedence over all additional, contradictory or inconsistent terms and conditions that may appear in an order or other document provided by the customer to AVEVA. The agreement can only be amended or amended by an amending handwriting signed by both parties or on behalf of both parties. The agreement can be executed in return, each being considered original, but which together constitutes the same instrument. A facsimile or electronic copy of the contract must be interpreted as if it were an original. Applicable law: With regard to applicable data protection legislation, the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 defines the territorial scope of Article 3.

In particular, paragraph 1 of the Regulation stipulates that its provisions apply to the „processing of personal data in the context of the establishment activities of a processing manager or subcontractor in the EU, whether or not the treatment takes place in the Union“. Therefore, where the establishment of the processor (CSC) or data processor (usually the cloud service provider as a data processor) is in the EU, the provisions of the regulation apply. Privacy Level Agreements (PLA) should be used as an appendix to cloud service agreements to describe the level of data protection maintained by the cloud service provider. A detailed presentation of the AEPs was developed by the Data Protection Working Group, established as part of the Cloud Security Alliance. In Opinion 5/2012, the European data protection authorities recommended that processors/providers inform the customer of the current subcontracting, specifying the type of services under contract, the type of services under contract, the characteristics of current or potential subcontractors and the guarantee of these services to the CSP to comply with the data protection rules in force in the EU; Avoid cloud service providers that use complex chains of subcontractors outside the EU; If this is not possible, decide whether PSCs provide general or specific authorization to hire other cloud service providers; For more details on the features contained in the various service packages, please see the Appendix – Product and Service Description (PSD). Other service packages can be added over time. While cloud service agreements have superficial similarities to software licensing agreements, there is a fundamental difference in the legal rights granted to the customer. Checklists and plagiarist policies can be a useful tool to familiarize yourself with the minimum data protection that a cloud provider must guarantee. Changes that significantly affect the level of a service or/or the level of protection of personal data should be expressly excluded from the contract; „Cloud computing is a model that allows ubiquitous and convenient access to the on-demand network to a common set of configurable COMPUT resources (for example. B networks, servers, memory, applications and services) that can be quickly made available and released with minimal administrative burden or interaction between service providers. The customer understands and accepts that AVEVA, its affiliates and subcontractors may perform certain aspects of the product, such as (but not limited) to service administration, hosting, support and/or disaster recovery, data centers and other facilities worldwide.

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