Please note that following the creation and implementation, January 1, 2017, from the Association of International Certified Professional Experts by cIMA and AICPA (effective date), existing cima members who have joined CIMA through this mutual recognition agreement up to the effective date (January 1, 2017) will also be retroactively designated by the name CGMA. This agreement gives CMA Canada members preferential access to CIMA membership. Preferential access to membership helps organizations improve their competitiveness in the marketplace and increase the career opportunities of accountants. The Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) and the universities listed below have signed Memorandums of Understanding to participate in mutual cooperation in research and management accounting practices. Opportunities for cooperation are in the following areas: in 2014, three ontario professional organizations, CA, CMA and CGA signed an application for association in the province under the name Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario), which came into effect the same year. Other provinces are following suit. By 2016, the association will be largely completed across Canada (NWT and NU join us in 2019). CPA Canada has entered into the mutual recognition agreement between CIMA and CMA Canada. CIMA members may become members of CPA Canada, provided certain requirements are met. Learn more about the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) we have with CPA Australia. If you are a highly qualified and reputable member of an international accounting body mentioned below (having obtained membership through the end of the accounting certification process and not through a recognition agreement with another accountant) and have obtained your designation while you are not resident in Canada, you may be eligible for certification in Canada through an older Mutual Membership Agreement (ARMA). They may also have the right to practice public accounting through a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).

Individuals who join CIMA by this route after January 1, 2017 are only allowed to use the name CGMA if agreements have been reached between the participating entities.

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