If these rules are not respected, PCE has the right to terminate the lease and refuse any request for room rental to the applicant. Damages. The tenant is responsible for any loss or damage to rental spaces, adjacent facilities, buildings located in common areas or buildings located outside or on the grounds. This includes any damage to appliances, faucets, surfaces, including ceiling, floors and flooring or other properties. The Tenant agrees and acknowledges that the Tenant`s liability for loss or damage is not limited to the amount of the Rental Price received by PCE. All rooms must be booked online and paid by credit card at the time of booking. Pre-registration is not possible and cancellation and no-show fees are charged. Cancellations can only be made by contacting PCE by e-mail or telephone. In any case, PCE collects an administrative fee of € 50 if the rent of the room is canceled by the tenant. For rentals cancelled more than 2 months before the date of the booked meeting, there is no additional cancellation fee. Rentals cancelled between 2 and 1 month before the date of the meeting are subject to an additional cancellation fee of 25% of the rental price. Rentals cancelled between 1 month and 1 week before the date of the meeting are subject to an additional cancellation fee of 75% of the rental price.

For rentals cancelled less than a week before the date of the booked meeting, the rental price is charged. The following guidelines apply to the rental of meeting rooms at PCE and the tenant agrees to comply with these guidelines. All prices included the technical equipment indicated in the room description on the PCE website at: polymercomplyeurope.eu/content/meeting-room-rental. The above prices include 1 coffee/person for all meetings no more than 4 hours. For all meetings longer than four hours, two coffees/person are included in the daily price. Polymer Comply Europe SCRL (PCE) offers 4 different meeting rooms for online rental. All meeting rooms can be rented by the hour. For rentals longer than 4 hours, the daily price is charged: responsibility for customers. The tenant is and acknowledges that he is responsible for the actions and behavior of the tenants during the rental period and at any other time when this customer is on or near the rental space, as a result of the use of the rental space by the tenant. PCE is not responsible for the safety of the tenant`s customers. PCE is not responsible for performance violations or damages caused by force majeure, force majeure or other unforeseen events that are not under PCE`s control.

The tenant agrees that the data he provides to PCE will be processed in accordance with PCE`s privacy policy, which can be found within polymercomplyeurope.eu/disclaimer standard rental hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For each hour booked outside this period, an additional fee of €50 is charged in addition to the standard rental price….

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