„If people are divided, the only solution is agreement.“ John Hume What is a solution that could work for many families? A Cottage Sharing Agreement negotiated and implemented while parents are actively involved, may be the answer to allow future generations to enjoy the cabin. In any case, it is a good idea to meet once a year to talk about the cottage and review the cottage agreement. Tips on the most peaceful shed on the family home. I am pretty sure that despite this pandemic, cottage owners will find their way to their summer retreats. Last week, I shared the six questions that each cabin owner must answer. I then addressed the first three questions. Today I would like to move on to the fourth: the rules of sharing the hut. In order to avoid possible disagreements, a number of issues related to the operation and costs of the cabin should be considered: Peter Lillico is a real estate planning lawyer in Peterborough with expertise in family planning. Inheriting a family home is a pretty simple step. Most of the problems can result from shared custody of the siblings of the property. The cabin succession planning helps all parties involved develop guidelines on how they use the property, how to spread costs and bypass the property, and how to resolve potential conflicts. These carefully considered rules can help keep the family peaceful over the years.

Instead of lighting the fuse on a time bomb that can now be clearly predicted to finally blow up the owners` faces, parents can, with this early warning, rethink and adapt the plan of the cabin`s succession to avoid a possible fusion of the nucleus on the inevitable problems of the hut. But once the cabin succession plan is eliminated and the cottage agreement is signed in a healthy spirit of cooperation and compromise, all family members can trust that their beloved home will remain a family treasure for future generations. Then there are appointments and access problems for the guest. The high season is relatively short in Canada and family members generally enjoy the best chances (e.g. on weekends. B long weekends) available in summer. However, unless your holiday home is very large, it may not be reasonable or convenient to accommodate all family members at once. There may also be members who are not excited to spend time together. Some members may wish their guests, which may conflict with the wishes of other family members. Problems related to the use of the hut as a result can be abundant.

A simple majority vote can resolve many decisions, such as how to repeat long weekends. The big complex issues – renovations, welcoming new owners, the sale of the cabin – should require a broader agreement, perhaps unanimous agreement. An agreement on the distribution of shacks should clearly identify issues that require majority and those that require unanimity. It may also provide for mediation or arbitration in times of disagreement. If, for example.B. one owner believes that a new roof is necessary and the other is not, a competent and independent third party could issue an impartial opinion to guide the decision. In a two-owner situation where a majority is impossible, the agreement may provide for an arbitration procedure if an independent third party agreed by the owners does make the decision.

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