(c) No contract for the sale of consumer goods in which seller or seller agrees to provide financing to buyer or buyer, unless expressly permitted in advance of federal laws or regulations, shall remain enforceable for a period exceeding 6 months.  The parties may, by written agreement, extend the contract for a maximum of six additional months.  The period between the performance and final settlement of such a contract shall not exceed the combined periods.  For the purposes of this subsection, „final settlement“ means a transaction in which the seller transfers or transfers to the buyers, in return for payment of the purchase price, a document of ownership that may contain a mortgage corresponding to financing granted by the seller or seller.  For the purposes of this subdivision, „consumer property“ means a residential building of 1 to 4 families, mainly used for personal, family or household purposes, and does not include other real property, including multi-unit residential property, such as a multi-family building, an office building, a commercial building or an industrial property. e. immovable property used for agricultural purposes, unless the purchaser purchases the property for the purpose of continuing the agricultural operation. (d) A Delaware attorney representing a party in a real estate transaction may request a broker who received the full compensation due at the time of the agreement to make an affidavit attesting that no right of pledge has been filed for the compensation paid, no right of pledge is filed and, if a declaration of pledge has been filed, that the broker has filed a written authorization or satisfaction of s Of right of pledge authorized by the transaction lawyer. Such a release, whether signed by the broker or by a licensed broker or associated seller, is binding on the broker and the brokerage organization and may be considered reliable by the parties and the title insurance company.

one. All real estate with improvements other than 1 to 4 housing units; Delaware Residential Purchase Agreement – A residential real estate contract between a seller and a buyer. Examples of these expenses are expenses such as administrative fees, property taxes, taxes, general liability insurance, and other insurance. Expenses also include the repair and maintenance of important systems such as HLK, Electrical, Water, Sanitation and Waste systems. It also includes all concierge fees, landscaping and lawn care. Include the costs of maintaining the parking lot or building structure and security. Do you have a general provision that covers expenses that are not expressly mentioned in the agreement. .

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