Dropbox is an active participant in the open source community. We have left many of our own projects (opensource.dropbox.com) opensourcen and use open source software in various ways in our products. Here you will find attribution instructions for open source software that can be included in our products. Business Team Admins. If you are a dropbox Business Team user, your administrator can access and control your Dropbox Business Team account. If you have any questions about this, please read your organization`s internal policies. If you`re not a Dropbox Business Team user but you`re interacting with a Dropbox Business Team user (for example. B by joining a shared folder or on the content shared by that user), members of that organization can view the name, email address, profile picture and IP address assigned to your account at the time of this interaction. If you share your content with a Dropbox team user, the team account administrator can access that account and change what you share. Others work for and with Dropbox. Dropbox uses certain trusted third parties (for example. B customer service and IT service providers) for business purposes to help us provide, improve, protect and promote our services.

These third parties access your data to perform tasks on our behalf and we remain responsible for processing your data in accordance with our instructions. In our FAQ, you`ll find a list of trusted third parties we use to process your personal data and more details about the categories of personal data we`ve disclosed. A BAA is a contractual guarantee from the consideration to the insured entity that it meets HIPAA requirements. This agreement must be in effect before the transfer of PHI from the insured company to the counterparty. Copyright Agent Dropbox, Inc. 1800 Owens St San Francisco, CA 94158 copyright@dropbox.com email address. If you sign into a Dropbox account with an email address provided by your organization, your organization may block your use of Dropbox until you upgrade to a dropbox business account or an education team or assign your Dropbox account to a personal email address.

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