„The agenda calls for the Panglong conference of the 21st century to be held in the first four months of 2020. The heads of state or government have defined a plan to define the conditions included in the NCAAs by the formation of the working group. Another point concerns efforts to include non-ANCA signatories in the peace process. The last is that we have agreed to convene the MEETINGs of the UPDJC and the JMC within two months of the 8th JUCM, said U Zaw Htay, Director General of the Regional Council Office. On Saturday, the two sides signed an eight-point agreement. The agreement includes the establishment of public medical universities in different provinces of the country, the provision of free health services at Bayalpata Hospital in Ashham and the increase in PCR testing capacity, among others. Under the agreement, Dr. KC will break his fast sunday morning. As Dr. KC`s health is weakening, the government has also tried to reach an agreement, but both sides have reservations about some of the demands. The team that negotiated on behalf of The Fast Dr. Govinda KC had reached Singha Durbar at 9 p.m. on Friday night to conduct final discussions with the government team, but the discussions were soon over, without agreement.

Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel appears to have withdrawn from the agreements reached the previous day. The Higher Education Bill and the Integrated Medical Science Academy Bill are finalized, while Dr. KC`s requests to maintain a system for appointing education officials to these institutions are met. The points of friction formed the basis for the appointment of the Dean and the investigation into the real estate of the incumbent and former Commissioner of Corruption Custody. One way or another, if the agreement on the eight-point agenda can be lowered and finally formulated for implementation on the ground, coordination and cooperation from top to bottom and from bottom to top must be reliable and capable for all concerned. In other words, the relationship between leadership and the grassroots within the individual organization; and the relationship between the negotiating partners must be established in accordance with the agreement; preferably from bottom to top and vice versa. The meeting resulted in an eight-point agreement on the agenda, which is as follows: after the formation of the discussion teams on Wednesday, the two sides had a ten-hour discussion on Thursday on the six demands of KC.

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