[Rea76] R.C. Read, The enumeration of acyclic chemical compounds, pp. 25-61 of A. T. Balaban, ed., Chemical Applications of Graph theory, Academic Press, NY, 1976. Do not use a comma if all elements are separated in an enumeration by “ and “ or “ or “ or “ or “ etc. [Sch75] H. Ship, For statistics of chemical compounds, Ber. Français. Ber., 8 (1875), 1542-1547. The list includes the workplace in Slovinská Street in Královo Pole and the tourist base kozí horka near Lake Brno and the Nekoř School of Nature in Orlické hory.

The enumeration and image below show how different the different structures are. Gilded frame, illuminated opening pages, gilded partitions between cups or enumerations and precious bindings. The MS Office interface for HTBasic allows you to automatically create fully formatted Word documents, including HTBasic screen DUMPs, tables or enumerations, custom headers and footers and much more. Use a semicolon in enumerations if a comma is already used to separate an element from the sequence. The HelpNavigator property is an enumeration that indicates the Help command that should be used to retrieve Help from the Help file for the specified control. [Los 97] S.M. Losanitsch, Les espèces d`isomerie chez les homologues de la série paraffin, Ber. Français. Ges., 30 (1897), 1917-1926. Avoid ending a page with a title or subtitle, a dash, or the first line of an enumeration (a list). [Her80] F. Hermann, Sur le problème de déterminer le nombre de paraffines isomères de formule CnH2n+2, Ber.

Français. Ges., 13 (1880), 792. [The author`s name and chemical formula are false.] [Cay75] Has. Cayley, On analytical figures called trees in mathematics and their application to the theory of chemical compounds, Ber. Français. Ges., 8 (1875), 1056-1059. in agreement with Henze and Blair [HeB31] (except that the value they give for n = 19 147284 is wrong: it should be 148284). Other terms are presented in the following table: [Los97a] S.M.

Losanitsch, comments on Hermann`s co-healing: The number of isomer paraffins, Ber. Français. Ges., 30 (1897), 3059-3060. [Her98] F. Herrmann, Regnung, Ber. Français. Ges., 31 (1898), 91. [RoHB76] R. W. Robinson, F.

Harary and A. T. Balaban, The numbers of chiral and achiral alkanes and mono substituted alkanes, Tetrahedron, 32 (1976), 355-361. Sm (f(z)) the result of the substitution of f (z) in the cycle index for the symmetric group of the order m! Means. For example, we are talking here about centered and bicentrated trees. (The correct version of (3), sequence A602, was already present in [SIH].) That is the purpose of this note. [Har69] F. Harary, Graph Theory, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1969. Finally, Cn must denote the number of k-valent trees centered with n node, and C (z) = SUM n > = 0 Cnzn.

Excel tables can be formatted at will and VBA macros can also be run….

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