National partner: an unmarried partner of the same or opposite sex (no parent) permanently residing in the same family unit at the same address as the tenant, as confirmed by the driver`s licence address. Vehicle groups E1, EX, H, F, R, R1, M are rented according to the usual luxury vehicles in the area, so the tenant must present two credit cards for all leisure rentals, both on behalf of the tenant. One credit card is used to pay rent and related fees, while the other credit card is used for security purposes. Both credit cards are required at check-out to be printed on the rental agreement. All Hertz vehicles are rented with a full tank. For vehicles returned without full, a fuel management fee is 21.74 (excluding VAT), plus the cost of fuel. The maximum coverage per person is USD 600.00 with maximum coverage for all claims during a rent limited to USD 1800.00, no deductible (except in New York, the maximum coverage is $500.00 per person with maximum coverage for all claims during a rent limited to USD 1,500.00). · Debit cards are not accepted at the time of rental in the following cities and regions, New York Metropolitan (NY, NJ, CT), Hartford, CT, Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA, Manchester, NH and Detroit, MI. Credit card rentals are subject to a credit check at the counter. During the Lockdown Covid-19, we can only rent vehicles in accordance with state rules. 9. PRICES AND RENTAL FEES 9.1. The tenant, driver or additional driver agrees to pay the lessor the prices plus all other fees and fees payable by the tenant under the rental form or lease or official offer or brochure for the duration of the rental period, including, but not only, on airport surcharges, tourist tax, valet fees, contract fees, contract fees and costs.

9.2. The additional tenant, driver or driver agrees to pay all fines, penalties, toll rates and similar costs, as well as processing costs arising from or related to the use of the vehicle, while the vehicle runs at the tenant`s risk. 9.3. Prices, fees and fees are charged for the entire period during which, at the tenant`s risk, the vehicle pays the rates and on the basis of the rental form, including all taxes levied on each amount payable by the tenant. 9.4. When setting rent prices, the distance travelled by the vehicle from the vehicle`s kilometre meter or, if this is not possible for any reason, is determined by the owner at its sole discretion, and the tenant is required to allow any information and assistance that the owner can reasonably require to be required to do so expire. If the mileage meter has been manipulated, the tenant is considered at least 500 kilometres per day or as additional mileage, as the landlord can see in his appropriate assessment. 9.5. In the event that the tenant returns the vehicle to a rental location other than that of the owner from which the vehicle was rented, the tenant is responsible for an additional charge calculated taking into account the distance travelled and the fuel consumed, in order to return the vehicle to the rental place.

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