(g) they compensate NECs for losses or damages that NAB may suffer on the basis of claims, claims or actions of any kind against NAB, directly or indirectly, against NAB, because a user has acted negligently or fraudulently under this agreement: a notification, statement, certificate or other communication must be made in writing. If you wish to send us a message, you can send it by mail, fax or any other form of electronic transmission to one of our chefs: a) from the branch detailed; or (b) any other branch we share with you; or (c) our seat. If we want to inform you, we can: (a) send them to each of you personally; or (b) to send them to the place of residence or postal address of each address you last know at the address you have designated in writing, or to mail them to the address you know or to send it by mail. However, if you have designated someone on your behalf under the National Credit Act, we may provide you with communications, with the exception of standard messages based on your name; or (c) other means authorized by law. For the purposes of this agreement, a communication is accepted: (a) in the case of a personal notification, on the date it is to be issued or on the date on which it is received by the recipient, depending on the subsequent date; or (b) in the case of a mail-in notification, on the date it is carried or on the date it was distributed by regular mail, depending on the subsequent date; (c) in the case of a fax or other electronic transmission, on the date it is carried or on the date on which the machine from which the transmission was sent, it makes a report indicating that the notification was sent to the recipient`s number, based on the subsequent date; or (d) in the case of an ad-by-announcement in a newspaper on the day of its first publication. We give you a statement of account statement from your credit account every 6 months or at intervals as small as you and we agree. If we give you an e-mail message: – you cannot receive paper documents; We can inform you that information is available electronically (including on our systems, SMS or email).

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