The associate in fine arts, visual arts transferopart to the institutions of the system unc participating by a national agreement. A similar agreement provides transfer opportunities for members of independent colleges and universities in North Carolina. An agreement between universities and specific community universities aims to facilitate the transfer of students from the association in the field of applied science (AAS) to bachelor`s programs. The AA and AS programmes are entrusted under two national agreements. The following independent colleges and universities support the articulation agreement for the transmission of the associate to the arts or associated with Science: in addition to the CAA, the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of North Carolina has put in place a comprehensive articulation agreement that creates flawless transfer channels for AA and AS graduates to transfer to signatory institutions. In addition to national agreements with UNC system institutions, which provide for the transfer of our Degree Nursing (RN to BSN) associates and our partner in Applied Science, Early Childhood Education, many of Wake Tech`s AAS programs transfer all or part to four-year colleges and universities in North Carolina, and offer graduates career and technology programs the opportunity to rely on technical training. Wake Tech. Through innovative partnerships with local, national and online institutions, Wake Tech offers ASA graduates many opportunities to obtain a four-year degree. [Research by degree…] [University research…] This articulation agreement describes a progression curriculum that includes the general training required for all birth nursery (BK) (Licensure and non-licensure) education plans and pre-major courses that are acceptable for all publicly funded ECE-zu-BK (Licensure and non-licensure) programs. Students who complete the progression program have 60 hours for all public EC PROGRAMs in North Carolina, both for licensing and non-licensing. Early childhood students who follow the plan do not accept additional and often duplicated courses. The revision of the 2014 National Joint Agreement in North Carolina has resulted in significant policy changes to encourage the transfer of 58 public colleges to 16 4-year-old public institutions in North Carolina. One of the key changes to the directive is that students transferred under the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) following an associate art degree or science associate guaranteed the transfer of at least 60 credits and junior status to a UNC system school.

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