ENCINITAS EXPRESS PUBLICATION GUIDELINES: -Published documents must not contain the telephone number, address or name of other family members; -the documents do not contain information indicating a player`s physical location at a given time; -Documents must not contain offensive material or refer directly to offensive material. FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS: Any player registered with the club supports a financial commitment in two parts: 1) The payment of the club`s registration fee and 2) the payment of the team account fee CONFLICT CONFLICT RESOLUTION: In the event of an unlikely appearance of disagreements or conflicts, please follow this process: TOURNAMENT PAYMENT POLICY: The payment policy of the tournament is „play as a team, pay as a team“. Once they have committed to the team, each player (and each family) must pay a fair share of the registration and coaching fees, whether or not they participate in the tournament. Families are also responsible for their own a-of-Town expenses. As a general rule, there is no entry or training fee charged to the players on loan. Parents before players apply for membership, please read the club`s values, principles and rules below as well as club-FA codes of conduct. We all play a contribution to creating the atmosphere necessary to accomplish this mission. Below, what we expect from the club, players and parents. 1) Club registration fees include Cal South registration fees, insurance, coaches` salaries, installation fees, league registration and referee fees, as well as other fees set by the Board of Directors. TO PERMISSION PUBLISH: As part of your child`s participation in Encinitas Express, you may have the opportunity to be quoted, interviewed and/or photographed for publication. The publication includes, among other things, the website and newsletter of Encinitas Express, The Destination or Soccer Nation, as well as all other football companies/programs that the Encinitas Express Board deems appropriate. If an offer or photo is placed on a website, people with Internet access around the world can view your child`s statement or photo. Articles and photos are edited and approved by a member or board member of Encinitas Express prior to publication. ONLY IF PLAYERS AND PARENTS ACCEPT THE AGREEMENT OF PLAYERS AND PARENTS AND THE CLUB-FA CODE OF CONDUCT MUST THE PLAYER APPLY TO BE A MEMBER OF THE THATCHAM TORNADOES FOOTBALL CLUB.

2) Team account fees include entry fees for different tournaments set by the team coach and travel reimbursement fees for the Age Group and the coach.

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