Notwithstanding the above clauses, workers who, for health reasons or at the age of sixty (60) years or older, or after thirty-five (35) years of service or retire, are entitled to three (3) leave, provided that a worker who, under these provisions, is also entitled to four (4) of five (5) or six (6) weeks of leave during the retirement year. This fee will be in addition to vacation leave credited at the end of the previous year. (h) temporary periods of absence for work in the bargaining unit in another health region cannot be extended beyond the duration of the initial temporary vacancy notice for which the worker requested leave, unless the original employer and the Union have agreed. 8.1.4. The absence of leave, as provided for in the participation in the agreement and the amendments to this agreement. 1.01 „Affiliated“: a public health authority that has a partnership agreement or similar contract with a regional public health authority. (e) Employees are not held on hold for more than seven (7) twenty-four (twenty-four) consecutive hours. Unless agreed, workers are programmed freely for at least two (2) consecutive hours after the seven (7) days expire. (a) promote the inclusion in the collective agreement of provisions that promote fairness and fairness for all current and future workers; (3) The market adjustment rate is added to the maximum hourly rate (stage 5) of the collective agreement. The hourly rates for Stage 1 and Stage 2, etc., are calculated by maintaining the same percentage relationship between stage one and stage two and between stage two and stage three, etc., as provided for in the collective agreement plan. When a classification is added to the market in accordance with the market complement letter, the market adjustment is added after the market is supplemented. 5.1 Each year prior to the agreed leave [at least one(1) year and a maximum of six (6) years), the member receives the applicable salary set by the application form, the worker`s declaration and authorization agreement and the participation agreement. HSAS has the right to ask any health region and related company to allow their interested HSAS employees to participate in the plan, with or without minor changes to the text of the plan, as agreed upon by mutual agreement.

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