Penetration tests are also used as a means of verifying the availability of assistance personnel to respond to incidents and attempted break-ins. You should discuss this with the client to find out if this is an advertised or unannounced test. If this is an advertised test, be sure to inform the customer of the time and date and source IP addresses from which the test (attack) is conducted, to prevent real intrusion attempts from being overlooked by their IT security team. If it`s an unexpected test, discuss with the customer what happens if the test is blocked by an automated system or network administrator. Does the test stop there, or do you continue to test it? It all depends on the purpose of the test, whether it is done to test the security of the infrastructure or to check the reaction of the network security and incident handling team. Even if you are doing an unannounced test, make sure someone knows the time and date of the test in the climbing matrix. Web application penetration tests are usually advertised. A recurring payment plan is more often used for long-term orders. Some commitments can be up to two years.B. It is not uncommon for the customer to pay regularly throughout the year. The short answer is that the explanation of the work will generally not respond to how the test should be performed.

Yes, it may have an overview of the services sold and what was included in the agreement. It can even have a lot of information like the number of IP values with areas. However, it does not contain communication and execution protocols specifically applicable to the conduct of the penetration test. Make sure you have this as part of your penetration test rules to interact with your penetration star. One of the most important aspects of each penetration test is communication with the customer. The number of times you interact with the client and how you approach them can make a big difference in their sense of satisfaction. Below is a communication framework that allows the client to feel comfortable in the testing activities. There may be some overlap in the list above. The target organization may be z.B the client, the test group manager can also perform the penetration test, or a client`s technical contact is in senior management.

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