4. The maximum working time set in paragraphs 2 and 3 above does not apply to workers employed in establishments employing no more than two persons in cities with less than 2,500 inhabitants whose cities are not part of a larger commercial area. either registered pharmacists or other professionals working in their profession; i.e. to a management or management staff, who now receive more than $35 per week; maintenance and repair staff; or in very specific cases where the working time constraints imposed on highly skilled workers, in the context of ongoing procedures, would inevitably reduce production, but where, in such a particular case, at least time and a third are paid for hours of work that exceed the maximum. The population within the meaning of this agreement is determined by the 1930 census. (12) If, prior to June 16, 1933, the undersigned had entered into the contract to purchase fixed-price goods for delivery during the period of this agreement, the undersigned will make an appropriate adjustment of that fixed price to cover any increase in costs resulting from the seller`s signing of that president`s re-employment agreement or by a fair competition code approved by the President. As part of the New Deal program, Roosevelt`s advisor developed a National Industrial Recovery Act (NRA) in 1933. The law allowed Roosevelt to declare a presidential re-employment agreement to „raise wages, create jobs and thus restore the economy.“ Employers signed more than 2.3 million agreements out of 16.3 million workers and accepted a 35-40 week, a minimum wage of $12 to $15 per week and the employment of people under 16. 1. This agreement is part of a national plan to increase wages, create jobs, increase purchasing power and restore activity. This plan depends entirely on joint action by all employers. That is why I am asking you, as an employer, to do your part by signing. (14) It is agreed that anyone wishing to contribute to the re-employment of the President by signing this agreement, but who asserts that a given provision of this agreement, due to special circumstances, will cause significant and unavoidable difficulties, can obtain the benefits of this agreement by signing and implementing this agreement, and then in a petition approved by a trade association representing its sector.

, or any other representative organization designated by N.R.A. may request the suspension of this provision pending a summary investigation by N.R.A. if it agrees, in such an application, to comply with the decision of such an investigation.

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