You should keep in mind that the most important difference between the two contracts is that the buyer is not bound by the promise of sale while he is in the event of a compromise. The importance of this amount in both contracts is such that if the booking costs are high (z.B: 20%), the actual agreement could be considered not a promise to sell; the obligation to purchase the beneficiary is implied. Suspended Terms – Conditional terms that are indicated in the pre-sale contract On the other side of the seller or his interested representative is as eager as you to sign any paper that would bind you to the purchase. Real Estate Buying Marketing includes all funds used by a company to influence the buying behaviour of potential customers. The customer is at the heart of this science which aims to ensure its continuous satisfaction. Translating your marketing materials, websites, advertising campaigns and other strategic tools into the language of your target market is an important first step in achieving your business goals and revenue goals. Each French translation has different types of difficulties directly related to Moliere`s language. First of all, it is important to know the different national and regional variants of the language: from French in France to French in Canada and even to French in Belgium, accents and expressions are as numerous as they are varied. And then fake friends can be extremely deceitful. They are pairs of words with the same root, but have acquired different meanings over time. Beware of these traps! To get the best result, let yourself be guided by professional translators to take care of your French translation project. reservation, contract – Contract for the purchase of real estate In order to cover this potential problem, you and the seller must sign a contract that requires the seller to at least sell and gives the Notary time to verify the execution of the omission clauses – suspensive clauses – and collect the necessary documents for the last act and finance the purchase.

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