24. I/We opted for the „search for tenants“ option, which costs 75% of the first month`s rent (including VAT). We expect the agent to find a tenant who will provide each adult over the age of 18 with a corresponding credit check that will provide us with a standard short-term rental agreement. The obligations of the owners in this case are that they register and rent the property to Smart Wales, retain a license for administration, provide How to Rent documentation, an inventory for the tenant, they place the tenants` deposit with an independent body or clients protected funds, they give to the tenant with the corresponding deposit information, they move the tenant in and out of the property. Identification Details – We may keep copies of your photographic identity documents and at least one document confirming your residence address. This is necessary to protect our position and take care of your interests. It helps us to ensure that we are dealing with the owners of the property and that we will not interfere in a money laundering situation. This will never be passed on to third parties. Potential tenants – Basic information about your property is retained.

This information contains the details of the real estate we have created and all the information you provide us in a questionnaire. It is available to anyone who makes a request regarding the potential listing or rental of your property. Visits – We arrange tours on your behalf, in agreement with you, the viewer and any tenants who may be in the accommodation. When we make the announcement for you, it is important that you inspect your property before the visit to ensure that any personal information you don`t want to see from a viewer will be deleted. Negotiate with potential tenants – We will negotiate with potential tenants. As part of this process, potential tenants must provide relevant personal data to facilitate the success of negotiations. Candidates for hire – We will take care of the candidates to ensure that we provide you with adequate information to decide on the acceptance of the candidate. To do this, you must provide relevant and necessary personal data about the candidate. Ensure that all information we provide to you remains confidential and is not disclosed or shared with other individuals or companies. Tenants – Once a rental agreement is concluded, we make your personal details available to the tenant, as required by law. Subcontractors – We can offer you some of the services we offer under this agreement, such as photography, accompanied tours, to let boards, inventory checks and real estate inspections during leases. A list of third parties is available on request.

Contractors – We list preferred contractors that we can use to provide you with services in the property we sell and/or manage. We may receive estimates/job offers from these contractors and instruct them to perform work on your behalf. To do this, we provide you with the personal data you need to provide the necessary services. A full list of these contractors is available on request. Utility companies – we pass on your data to the relevant utilities as soon as necessary to ensure the correct billing of suppliers.

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