It is a legal document that fully discloses the financial positions and interests of each spouse in the event of a divorce. You have the option of the person who committed adultery with your husband or wife in your divorce application (called the „defendant“). However, if you do, you must send the divorce papers to that person and your spouse. This results in additional costs and delays if they do not cooperate. If you have both agreed to end your relationship and your finances are simple, you should be able to settle a divorce or dissolution relatively quickly and cheaply. You still have to go through the legal process so that you are legally divorced or your life partnership has been dissolved, but you may not need to use a lawyer along the way. There are tons of fantastic organizations, charities and resources available to help you divorce difficult, here are just a few: The time to be legally separated as reason for divorce, are as follows: For most of us, divorce is a fairly slow process and according to the latest government figures on divorce time scales , it takes 23 weeks to obtain the decree nisi phase of divorce proceedings. 90% of divorces in England and Wales are unchallenged, but what is an undisputed divorce? Before going to court, you should try to resolve disagreements about money, children or property by a mediator. Marriage must be formally terminated because it is not possible in the United Kingdom to end a marriage by mutual agreement. You need a court order to formalize it. This is because a quick divorce only means the simple process of ending the marriage (i.e.

without having to agree on finances and children). If you have children but do not think you need a legally binding agreement, it is possible to establish a parenting plan instead of a legally binding agreement. It is a written document that records how you share custody of your children. It is not legally binding, but it can help you both be on the same side. Anyone can opt for a do-it-yourself divorce or dissolution, but that doesn`t mean it suits everyone. As a guide, you may be able to clarify your divorce or dissolution and your finances yourself if: if you apply for divorce, you are the petitioner and your spouse will be the respondent.

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