As one of the country`s largest leasing companies, Landmark Dividend can provide value, capital and liquidity to qualified homeowners with a solar leasing contract. Solar rental rates are almost always based on both the quality and quantity of land allocated to the lease. On average, solar rents will fall somewhere from $700 to $3,000 per hectare. Wie bereits erw-hnt werden die Mietgeb-hren bestimmt davon, wie rentabel der Standort wird, sobald das Solarprojekt abgeschlossen wird. It is also important to remember that while your country may be perfectly suited to the development of a large solar project, your neighbour`s country may be just as valuable. This gives solar developers leverage, so they can underestimate your attempts to negotiate a better deal. However, if your property meets all the developer`s criteria and there are no other suitable locations in the area, you can expect to receive the best dollars for your solar land rental. Nach der ersten Anfrage des Grundst-ckseigents oder des Solarentwicks wird das betreffende Grundst-ck von einem Gutachter auf seine Eignung fer einem Solarprojekt gepr ft. In this stage, the property is studied on the available space, notation, objects that can cause nuances, soil conditions and proximity to power lines. This stage of the evaluation will help the developer determine how much time and money is needed to develop the land, and whether it is worth entering into a solar lease with the owner of the property. The rapid expansion of the solar industry is the result of two main factors: government programs such as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and lower photovoltaic (PV) prices – both contribute to solar developers seeing a much faster return on their investments, making solar development a much more lucrative prospect.

And even in situations where solar energy is not a more valuable option, this might be preferable, especially since the maintenance and maintenance of solar plants are generally less comprehensive and much less of a concern than for crops such as sweet cherries, which often have to be picked by hand. For example, service roads are generally built to allow vehicles to access different components of the solar system, which may require the removal of high-quality crops and other natural vegetation such as trees and shrubs. 8. Restoration Most homeowners want the lease to require the solar company to restore the property after the lease expires. These provisions should include the removal of all equipment up to at least the depth of the plow and the exit from the terrain free of hazardous conditions for the solar company. Determining the value of the lease prices for solar installations is generally done in a two-step process, which consists of an assessment of the land itself and the actual lease negotiations. If the land in question meets the developer`s criteria for an appropriate location, a lease is established and sent to the landowner. This proposal usually contains items such as the length of the lease, the amount of space the developer needs and a breakdown of the rental costs.

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