• The modification is carried out in accordance with the plans and specifications. • The owner provides proof of his own insurance with regard to the modifications. Strata councils are often faced with requests from their owners to make changes to the common property or limited common property that adjoins their strata land. These proposals should not be taken lightly, as the decision to approve such changes can have a significant impact on both Strata Corporation and individual owners. • The owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the modifications. Once the above-mentioned information has been received, the Rotation Board may wish that, in order to ensure greater transparency of the process, the Rotation Board may wish to amend the Articles of Association detailing the above-mentioned process. Strata Property Act (the „Act“) and strata Property Act Regulation (the „Regulation“) do not allow Strata Corporations to make an owner responsible for the preservation of common ownership. However, the standard articles that are appended to the law require that an owner be required to obtain permission from Strata Corporation before changing the general ownership. In addition, the standard by-law provides that Strata Corporation may require the owner, as a condition of its authorization, to assume responsibility for all costs related to such modification.

BEST Consultants specializes in the field of construction science and engineering and can help review proposals for changes to the common property and advise team councils on how to reduce potential damage to the building and its systems. All questions regarding construction or engineering services can be asked to Alexandre Bouchard, P.Eng. abouchard@bestbse.ca or by phone at 604-356-5022. • The engineer or architect submits a written report confirming that the modification conforms to the approved documents and is otherwise free of defects. • A detailed description of the proposed changes, including copies of product information and design documents such as location plans, specifications or shop drawings, that illustrate the proposed changes. This information will allow the team board to better understand the impact of the changes on common ownership or limited collective ownership. • The modification is checked by an engineer or architect. Lesperance Mendes Lawyers supports Strata Corporation and its owners in the areas of strata governance and construction, including amending agreements and amendments to the articles of association.

Any questions regarding the legal impact of joint ownership or land changes posted can be asked of Sat D. Harwood at sdh@lmlaw.ca or by phone at 604-685-3550. To do this, we propose that strata Council request at least the following information before considering an application for authorization: • The owner releases Strata Corporation from all claims arising from the modifications, including claims of defects and rights of pledge of the contracting authorities. Given this legal framework, rotation boards should ensure that selected materials and/or products and their installation are completed in a manner that minimizes potential damage to the common property and its environment and reduces strata Corporation`s potential liability. . . .

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