This confidentiality agreement includes discussions at formal board meetings as well as communications to the board that take place in less formal environments. You must be part of an NCVO member organization and be registered on this website to access this content. If so, please log in. The member of the Management Board recognises that any breach of this Directive may prejudice the Foundation, thwart the deliberations and measures taken by the Management Board and lead to internal discipline and legal proceedings. Each of the signatories entered into this confidentiality agreement on the following date. If you are unsure or have problems with registration, please contact us. The members of the Foundation`s Board of Directors have fiduciary duties imposed by Land law. These fiduciary duties require each member of the Board of Directors to act in good faith, with ordinary care and in a manner that the Member of the Board of Directors reasonably believes is in the best interests of the Foundation. The Board Handbook provides an additional explanation of these tasks….

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