The EU, in cooperation with Turkey and not against Turkey, should take the necessary measures to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Today`s agreement showed that the diplomacy of the draft was in place. Russia has chosen to accept not to sacrifice our multidimensional relations to the ambitions and whims of the regime. The agreement between Turkey and Russia on a ceasefire in the Syrian province of Idlib does not require Ankara to change its refugee policy, he said on Thursday. „The Russian-Turkish agreement does not require the withdrawal of changes to Turkey`s refugee policy and does not change the fact that the European Union has not kept its promises under the 2016 refugee agreement,“ he said. The agreement would effectively preserve some of the territorial gains made by Russian-backed Syrian forces during a three-month offensive in Idlib, the country`s last rebel stronghold, while keeping a Turkish foothold in the region. The technical details of the establishment of the joint centre have been finalized and an agreement has been signed, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement, adding that work would begin „as soon as possible.“ The Moscow Treaty (Turkish: Moskova Antla-masa, Russian: “ ) was an agreement between the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and Russia, under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin, signed on 16 March 1921. [1] [2] [3] Neither the Republic of Turkey nor the Soviet Union had been founded at that time. The internationally recognized Turkish government was Then Sultan Mehmed VI, but he was not a party to the Moscow Treaty. The sultan`s government had signed the Treaty of Sevres, which had been rejected by the Turkish National Movement. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is standing alongside his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan, said he hoped their deal would lead to a halt to military action in Syria`s last major rebel stronghold in the northwest of the country. While Turkey welcomed Putin`s condolences for the martyrdom of Turkish troops in a regime attack last week, the sources said that Erdogan had made clear Turkey`s position that the country would eliminate elements of the Idlib regime on its own if there was no agreement.

Erdogan probably wanted to stop Assad`s offensive in Idlib and keep territory under his de facto control as part of a 2018 deal brokered by Russia. Russia wants to restore a balance in the region, which probably reflects the territorial gains of the Syrian army, without rotting its relations with Turkey. Ankara said Russia was not fulfilling part of the agreement that did not guarantee attacks on Idlib and the status quo on the ground. The meeting resulted in an agreement on a ceasefire in Idlib. At a joint press conference after the talks, Putin said the agreement would serve as a „good basis for ending the fighting“ in Idlib and „ending the suffering of the civilian population.“ „I hope that these agreements will serve as the basis for stopping military activities in the Idlib de-escalation zone (and) will put an end to the suffering of peaceful populations and the growing humanitarian crisis,“ Putin said. Akar said Turkey and Russia were working to make the ceasefire permanent, adding that Ankara and Moscow would establish joint coordination centers to monitor the agreement.

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