18. ACCORD MODIFICATION – This order contains all the agreements and conditions of these transactions and no agreement or other agreement in any way alter the terms of this contract is mandatory for the buyer, unless written as an order modification and signed by the buyer. (vii) „subcontractor“: all subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, suppliers, independent contractors and similar representatives of the seller and its related companies; Has. Buyer`s intellectual property rights. No provision in this agreement should be construed as granting the seller intellectual property rights over the buyer`s intellectual property rights and all of the buyer`s intellectual property rights remain the exclusive and exclusive property of the purchaser. Without limitation of the above, the seller may not use any of the buyer`s trademarks (including CYRUSONE) in advertising, publication, presentation or any otherwise, without the buyer`s prior written consent and subject to a separate written licensing agreement. The buyer remains the exclusive and exclusive owner of all materials that represent the buyer`s intellectual property rights („buyer`s materials“), as well as improvements, modifications and derivative works based on the buyer`s intellectual property rights or materials, including intellectual property rights arising from the above or embodied by the above. When the Buyer makes available to the Seller material for the performance of the Seller`s obligations under this Agreement, the Seller protects as confidential the buyer`s documents and the buyer`s intellectual property rights arising from these documents, in accordance with the confidentiality provisions of the agreement, the Seller will only use these buyer`s documents for the duration of the current order and only to fulfill the Seller`s obligations to the Buyer in accordance with the Agreement. , only in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the buyer, and will cease the use and return of all materials from the buyer in good condition (except normal wear) to the buyer after the conclusion, closing or cancellation of the order. A marketable security is a security that the seller actually holds and is not subject to any charge, which is a stake in the property held by someone other than the seller or buyer.

Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer is entitled to an absolutely undivided interest in all the real estate he must have. For example, if the seller promises to place forty hectares in the sale contract and the buyer finds the next day that the seller has only 25 hectares, the buyer is not obliged to respect the contract, because the seller does not have a marketable property on the land that the seller is willing to place. The sale of real estate is treated differently by the law of the sale of PERSONAL PROPERTY. The relationship between seller and buyer is traditionally referred to as that of the seller and buyer. A contract to sell real estate (z.B. a house, a building, farmland or an empty piece of land) does not automatically mean that the sale is completed. The seller must prove that he can provide the country with a marketable title.

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