A holder certificate (or holder certificate) is an official document issued by a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) that lists the names of its current directors, senior executives and, from time to time, major shareholders. It defines who holds which positions within the organization and is most often used to confirm the identity of persons authorized to enter into legally binding transactions on behalf of the entity. . 3. whereas, in accordance with the statutes of the undertaking, as amended, and certain decisions of the Board of Directors of the undertaking, the person or persons exercising the abovementioned legitimate function have obtained sufficient powers to act on behalf of the undertaking and to bind it with regard to transactions involving the leasing of equipment; including, but not limited to, the sale and rental of such equipment, and that the performance by that person of documents related to such transactions, including, but not limited to, master-lease agreements and equipment plans, constitutes a legally binding and enforceable obligation on the part of the company. An holder certificate contains all relevant information regarding the company`s directors and senior managers, such as. B the name of the incumbent, the position chosen or appointed and the mandate. It usually contains an example signature for comparison purposes. Undersigned, Secretary/Assistant Secretary of ____ ____ Holder certificates are issued by the Corporate Secretary and often bear the seal of the company and may be notarized by a notary public. Since the secretary is the official responsible for managing the company`s records, the holder certificate is an official act of the company and third parties can reasonably rely on its accuracy. 4.

That the undersigned, as amended, has the power and authority to execute this certificate on behalf of the entity and that he has executed this certificate in this manner and that he has placed the seal of the enterprise on that date _______ 1. That he/she is the duly elected, qualified and incumbent Secretary/Assistant Secretary of the Corporation, and is responsible for keeping the records, minutes and seal of the Corporation. A typical holder instrument may be worded as follows: _______ This document may be requested by a financial institution if the company requests the opening of a bank account or initiates a major transaction. The certificate can also be requested by a lawyer or other person who wishes to confirm the legality and position of director or administrator within the company. Индекс слова: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, Больше Результатов: 57. Точных совпадений: 0. Затраченное время: 159 мс Similarly, lawyers, when designing contracts for transactions with companies, usually need an official certificate of holder to determine who can legally bind the company in contracts. 2. That, in accordance with the articles of association of the company as amended, the following designated persons have been designated and for whom the office(s) indicated below have been appointed and that such person(s) exercises on that date(s) such function(s) and that the signature(s) appearing on the name(s) are genuine signatures.

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