There is an exception to this rule, which applies to employers of commuter traffic, pilot cars, courier services and buses that participate in the Alternative Assessment Procedure (AAP). This practice guide provides guidance on business processes for claims in between. The PAA is part of the IJA for Workers` Compensation. This is an optional procedure that allows interprovintial employers of trucks, pilot cars, couriers and buses to pay bonuses to workers in one jurisdiction even if they are travelling through one or more other Canadian provinces or territories. For more details on the AAP, see 14-02-13, Alternative Assessment Procedure for Interjurisdictional Trucking & Transport Industry. Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997, as amended §§ 88, 159, 160 The current interjurisdictional agreement between the Canadian Workers` Compensation Boards (the Agreemen) came into force in October 1993. The Workers` Compensation Board of British Columbia is a party to this Agreement. All workers` compensation committees in Canada have signed a Workers` Compensation Interjured Agreement (IJA) for the benefit of workers and employers whose business or work brings them to more than one province or territory in Canada. POL 10/2017 Interjurdictional Agreement on Workers` CompensationPOL 24/2014 Alternative assessment procedure for the inter-court trucking industryPRO 24/2014 Alternative assessment procedure for the trucking interjuurction industryPOL 08/1999 Coverage, out of province/countryPOL 11/2017 Second injury and re-employment reservePOL 12/2014 Emergency reservePOL 05/2014 Occupational disease reservePOL 21/2013 Appeals – ClaimsPOL 22/2013 Appe ls – Commission Appeal TribunalPOL 13/2014 Third Party Actions The IJA ensures that employers do not have to pay for double examinations for employees who work in more than one Canadian jurisdiction. Under the IJA, employers use their insurable income on a pro rata basis, so each Canadian board of directors receives bonuses for work done within that board`s jurisdiction. This document was previously published under the title: 15-01-11 of January 2, 2014 15-01-11 of 12. October 2004 15-01-11 of 15 November 2002 08-01-06 of 4 January 1999.

POL 10/2017, International Convention on Accidents at Work (IJA) sets out guidelines for adjudicating IJA claims. .

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